2013 Reunion

To help you find those memories more easily, We are grouping all things 2013 Reunion into one place.  Remember, enjoy (and maybe think about doing it again in 2017?)

Ambassador College 2013 Reunion DVD

Following the 2013 Ambassador Big Sandy reunion in Dallas, Donald Neff produced a fabulous video of the event.  You can watch the movie several ways, online and/or purchase a DVD, but the DVD is much better! Besides being able to watch it on your widescreen TV with better resolution and sound, it includes extras such as a Memoriam, two movie trailer/previews, plus Dave Verell's 1970 Student Life and Pasadena Bus trip.


As we get ready for the 2017 reunion in Las Vegas, you can see all of the 2013 excitement by purchasing the 2013 video dvd for only $10, which includes shipping and handling. Or you can purchase both the 2011 and the 2013 for only $17.

To order yours credit cards accepted or just send a $10 or $17 check to:

Donald Neff

3286 Knightswood Way

San Jose, Ca.

Thanks Donnie!