History: Ambassador BS Reunions

History of Ambassador College Big Sandy Reunions

At the recent reunion in Las Vegas a discussion was begun on how many reunions have occured for the Big Sandy Aumni 1964-1977 (and associated years).  Below you will see our best collaborative attempt at an answer*. 

1985: LAS COLINAS, DALLAS, TEXAS: Attended by about 65-70 Students, guests and faculty

1997: TYLER, TEXAS: Hosted by Sandie Boyce and Connie Rhome

2001 TO 2010: HOUSTON, TEXAS: Held in various locations and hosted by Russell Bettis. 

Attendees included Berlin Guillory, Gilbert Woody, Everett Oakley, Eddie Holdren (ALL DECEASED)

Also in attendance were: Phillip Arnold, John Dickerson, Ken Mason, Sharon Carrington Mason, Phyllis Houghtaling, Betty Kirkpatrick Morey, and Tom Williams

2011: DALLAS, TEXAS (Doubletree DFW): Suggested by Everett Oakley, Organized by John Dickerson, Hosted by Tom & Nancy Williams; Included a hospitality room and multiple dinner events. Total Attendance: 214

2012: ROCKWALL, TEXAS, A Group of about 60 met for a small get together organized by Patt McCarty

2013: DALLAS, TEXAS, Marriott Hotel DFW Airport. Organized and hosted by Tom and Nancy Williams.  This event had the most attendees so for with 244. There were 2 major evening meals for the group with the most support feature a 24-hour hospitality and meeting room. Many thanks to Phyllis Houghtaling Wilson AND Diane Panella Snuffer, and many others, who spoiled all of us in attendance by supplying the whole group with multitudes of food and drink.

2017: MARCH 12-15, LAS VEGAS NEVADA, AT THE ORLEANS HOTEL AND CASINO. This was a first of its kind, a 3-campus reunion totaling 273 attendees, 71 from Big Sandy. Activities included a Hospitality Suite, Break-out Sessions, A tour of Hoover Dam and a Chocolate Factory, and 2 evening banquets.  Not to mention all of the attractions that Las Vegas has to offer! 

*If you can add any information to this list, please send to Tom Williams at twilliams@tv24.tv It will be much appreciated!  And if you have any pictures of the earlier reunions not posted here, let Nancy know and she'll set up a page where we can post them for all to enjoy!