2017 Official AC Reunion Video

2017 Official AC All-Campus Reunion Video!! (51 minutes)

271 attended the Ambassador College Reunion in Las Vegas, March 12-16, 2017.  Following the Reunion, Donald Neff immediately began work on the video you will see below.  He devoted countless hours to its production, and we appreciate so very much both Donald’s time and his professional, creative effort.  He used still pictures taken by many, many contributors, and video taken by himself, Timothy Collins, and Bill Hughes.

A DVD of this video was sent late last summer to all who attended the 2017 Reunion, and now it is available on this website so everyone, whether or not you were able to make it to Las Vegas, can enjoy sights and sounds from our celebration.  We hope it can, in some small way, convey a number of the moments and feelings shared by all of us who were fortunate enough to be there. 

The Reunion Committee appreciated so, so much that 271 of you were able to take time from your lives to travel to Las Vegas and celebrate with us.  And we hope all of you, whether or not you had the opportunity to attend, will have time to watch and enjoy these video glimpses of those five magical days in the desert.  Please be ready to hit “pause” frequently when playing the video – whenever you want to take a few extra seconds to look more closely at some of the many, many photos Donald has assembled.

Thank you, Timothy Collins and Bill Hughes, for your many hours of professional-quality filming, and again, many, many thanks, Donald Neff, for the incredible skill, effort, and heart you put into producing this video!!

And to all our fellow AC students, enjoy..............Bob Gerringer & Tom Williams