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Welcome to the Ambassador College Big Sandy, Texas Alumni Web

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We are now just 10 days away from the long anticipated 3-Campus Ambassador College Reunion in Las Vegas.  Hope you can make it because it won't be much of a party without you!!!   


Got Questions?  Looking for Reunion Info?

Whether you are attending the 2017 Ambassador Reunion or are just interested in what all is going on, you can now access the latest information on it in one section in our website by either clicking on this link or  by clicking on the first item in the left hand column titled "2017 (All Pages) AC Reunion".  

We have been adding pages to this section containing info on all aspects of the reunion.  It currently contains a FAQs page, registration pages for the reunion, the banquet and the Dam Tour, the latest list of reunion participants, hotel shuttle information and a report from Tom and I after our Sept planning meeting, complete with pictures and an extensvie Orleans property description. 

BTW, if you aren't registered yet, or you registered on the Pasadena website, and you would like to receive these updates directly, just send Tom or me an email and we will add you to the email list.

Look forward to seeing you in less than  a few weeks.

Nancy and Tom Williams

Help Us Find Missing ALUMS, Our Next AC Reunion Is less than 2 MONTHS AWAY

We have done our best to ensure that it you attended BS for even only 1 semeser that your name is in our registry. If you know someone we mised, please let us know and we will get them added.


Web Site Usage

As of this minute, we have had  108,307 on this site since it was launched on 4/29/2011

We have 2247 students in our Big Sandy student database, and 79 guests registered on this site. SADLY 148 of those or 6.5% are deceased students, and an additional 48 guests are deceased.

Currently 21% (472) of Big Sandy College Students and guests are actively using this site.  You can help grow our cite if you can help us find some of the 1775 yet to join.


The Most Active Class on the AC/BS Websie as of 2/28/2017

We have been asked to keep you up to date give as to what group of alumni uses the Big Sandy  AC site the most, so here goes:

As we prepare for the reunion, here has been no changes in class usage this week:

To date the biggest on line users of the website are:

  1. First the class of '67
  2. Second the class of '70
  3. Third the class of '68
  4. Fourth the class of 71
  5. Fifth the class of '66
  6. Sixth the class of '69
  7. Seventh the class of '72
  8. Eight the class of '74
  9. Ninth the class of '73
  10. Tenth the class of '75

Followed in order by the classes of 76, 77, 78, 80, and finally the class of 1979.